Hi I am Janine

I live with my family in the Central Western NSW Australia. Australia is such a drop dead gorgeous place especially the wide open spaces of the country side!

I love to take time to smell the roses and when a bird or a butterfly comes in to range of my camera then it is happy snappy time! I often disappear with my camera to find the illusive dragon fly. Bees working with the colour or red and yellow pollen on their legs fascinate me! The amazing array of birds we have here are just gorgeous! Blue wrens breeding have iridescent blue around their heads to attract their girls. These are just some of the amazing things!!!

I belong to our local camera club and have been working on improving the photos that I take.I have been dabbling in photo sites where the happy snappers can show case their work and have won features and awards with quite a few photos now.

This website is constantly undergoing updating and sprucing up... soon there will be another showcase of my recent travels to Kenya, Africa... oh what an amazing experience that was! If you ever get the chance to go I highly recommend you do! It is incredible to experience Africa in general, but safari is just amazing!!!

Coming soon will be

  • Some of the photos with features and awards highlighted so you may choose some of the best of the best.
  • The best of an African safari through Amboseli National Park, Lakes Nakuru and Navasha, and the on to the incredible Masi Mara.

See you again soon!.............Love Janine